What are 1U Eurorack Modules?

Where did 1U come from?

When Doepfer created the Eurorack standard back in the 90s, every module was built to fit their 3u (128.5mm) height requirement, but as time progressed, so did the needs of Eurorack. To satisfy the new demand for more portable and compact utility modules, Intellijel (one of the most popular Eurorack brands in the world) adapted the Doepfer specifications to fit in a 1U (39.65mm) space.

What are 1U modules used for?

This 1U format has become widely used for small, minimal modules, such as tiny mixers, attenuverters, sequencers, and more. Many of the cases on the market today (including the kits we sell) include at least one 1U rail, leaving more space for your other modules. Luckily, when Intellijel adapted the format, they left most of the dimensions the same, so you don’t need to worry about modules being taller or shorter, or using different screws or rails. Even the widths of the modules are dictated by the same HP specification as standard 3U Eurorack modules.

Some brands, such as Mosaic, focus entirely on developing tiny versions of common modules for the 1U standard, and innovating new modules designed specifically for the small form factor.

What are some example 1U modules?

Because of their small size, it’s less common to find DIY kits of 1U modules, but they’re still out there! Even so, many fully assembled 1U modules cost less than their 3U counterparts, due to lower material costs – with that said, they often are slightly less feature-rich, as the limited space of 1U means manufacturers often have to trim modules down to their most efficient size.

Mosaic – Four Channel Mixer


Blend your signals together with Mixer, our 4 input mixing solution! With DC coupled inputs, Mixer works well with both audio and CV signals, making it the perfect option for level controls across your system. 4 channel mixer DC coupled inputs Works well with both audio and CV signals IMPORTANT: Intellijel 1U Panel Size!

Mosaic – Quantizer


Craft melodic sequences out of random voltage, LFOs, and more with the Mosaic Quantizer.

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