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    • 23.5mm Grey Fader Knob (4mm Standard Fader Style)

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      This fader knob is designed to fit with standard 4mm notch style faders.

    • Electrosmith – Dual VCA 2164 Assembled/DIY Kit

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      The ES 2164 VCA is a linear, dual channel VCA. It uses the 2164 submodule from Electrosmith to provide two independent channels of high fidelity, low noise amplification of audio or CV signals.

    • Electrosmith – Low Pass Filter 2144 Assembled/DIY Kit

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      The ES 2144 LPF is a classic analog filter with a 24dB per octave slope.

    • Electrosmith – Patch

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      Daisy Patch is a metamorphic sound environment capable of becoming an infinite variety of digital instruments. Patch is based on the Daisy embedded DSP platform and features quad 24-bit audio IO. The hardware itself is a blank slate ready to be brought to life with one of the many available firmware files which can be uploaded through our web programming interface. This library of instrument files includes samplers, granular processors, physical modeling voices, and more, and requires no special software to upload other than a web browser.

    • Electrosmith – PWR

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      Power your Eurorack the right way with the Electrosmith Pwr! Featuring clean, regulated, and protected power and daisy-chain capabilities, Pwr is the perfect first module or a reliable addition for those with plans to expand their system.

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