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    • 2HP – ADSR

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      ADSR is a four stage linear envelope with two expressive ranges. Each stage can be modified independently allowing for the creation of complex, multi-segment envelopes. Great for modulating filters, VCAs, and oscillators.

    • 2HP – Clk

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      Clk is a voltage controlled clock generator with all of the features a master clock needs.

    • 2hp – Flying Bus Power Cable

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      Expand your Pwr’s possibilities with our Flying Bus Cable! With 8 slots and a flexible form factor, the Flying Bus Cable can work its way through any system, all while delivering reliable, clean power.

      • Flying Bus Cable

      • 8 Slots

      • Bendable for unique case solutions

    • 2HP – LFO

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      LFO is a voltage controlled low frequency oscillator. 8 waveforms are available with smooth morphing between each, allowing for complex and unique patterns.

      In addition to sine, triangle, sawtooth, and square waveforms on the primary output, four alternate waveforms are accessible simultaneously via the secondary waveform output. The alternate waveforms have been designed with modulation in mind and provide an innovative voltage source to use on filters, oscillators, and everything else.

    • 2HP – Pluck

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      Pluck is a physical modeling synth voice. It uses the Karplus-Strong algorithm to create plucked string sounds.

    • 2HP – S+H

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      S+H is an analog sample and hold with two independent channels. Great for generating random voltages from white noise, arpeggios from sawtooth waves, and downsampling audio signals.

    • Electrosmith – Dual VCA 2164 Assembled/DIY Kit

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      The ES 2164 VCA is a linear, dual channel VCA. It uses the 2164 submodule from Electrosmith to provide two independent channels of high fidelity, low noise amplification of audio or CV signals.

    • Electrosmith – Low Pass Filter 2144 Assembled/DIY Kit

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      The ES 2144 LPF is a classic analog filter with a 24dB per octave slope.

    • Electrosmith – Patch

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      Daisy Patch is a metamorphic sound environment capable of becoming an infinite variety of digital instruments. Patch is based on the Daisy embedded DSP platform and features quad 24-bit audio IO. The hardware itself is a blank slate ready to be brought to life with one of the many available firmware files which can be uploaded through our web programming interface. This library of instrument files includes samplers, granular processors, physical modeling voices, and more, and requires no special software to upload other than a web browser.

    • Mosaic – Four Channel Mixer

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      Blend your signals together with Mixer, our 4 input mixing solution! With DC coupled inputs, Mixer works well with both audio and CV signals, making it the perfect option for level controls across your system.

      • 4 channel mixer

      • DC coupled inputs

      • Works well with both audio and CV signals

      IMPORTANT: Intellijel 1U Panel Size!

    • Mosaic – Quantizer

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      Craft melodic sequences out of random voltage, LFOs, and more with the Mosaic Quantizer.

    • Noise Engineering – Electus Versio

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      Not quite a reverb, not quite a delay, it’s Desmodus’s more aggressive clocked counterpart.

      More distortion, more in-your-face atmospheres, and synced delays for creating your tails in a whole new way.

      Use Electus Versio as a spacey clocked delay, as a reverb that starts with some synced echoes, or as a completely new way to create evolving spaces.

      Check out Versio modules at the World of Versio.

      Already own a Versio? Try Electus and all the Versio firmwares now at the Noise Engineering Customer Portal for free.

    • QuBit – Aurora

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      Reverb. Well…kind of.

      Welcome to Aurora, a spectral reverb capable of a wide palette of sounds: from lush caverns and whale songs, to alien textures you’ve never created before. And likely, will invoke a hunger for exploration you felt when you first touched a modular synth.

    • Qubit – Bloom

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    • QuBit – Chord v2

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      Polyphony is back!

      Chord v2 is a plug and play solution for bringing musical polyphony to
      your system. It contains four oscillator voices, a multitude of waveforms,
      and intelligent tuning functionality. This new version features an
      expanded sonic palette and feature set in half the size of the original.

    • QuBit – Data Bender

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      Data Bender is a circuit bent digital audio buffer. It is inspired by the ways in which audio equipment can fail. The sounds of skipping CDs, software bugs, and defective tape machine playback are all accessible.

      Want to hear how it sounds? Check it out here: Qubit Data Bender Showcase

    • QuBit – Surface

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      Surface provides a unique take on physical modeling which blurs the line between emulation and synthesis to create entirely new worlds of sound.

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