What is a Eurorack Modular Synthesizer?

The Eurorack Synthesizer

With the resurgence in popularity of analog and digital synthesizers, the “Eurorack” format for modular synthesizers has exploded – in many ways, Eurorack is a revival of some of the ideas behind many of the first synthesizers ever designed, but with a lot of the kinks ironed out. To understand what a Eurorack synth is (and whether it’s right for you), you first have to understand what a modular synthesizer is. Luckily, we’ve written an article detailing exactly what modular is here, but if you’re short on time, here’s the short version: modular synths are synthesizers that allow the user to connect almost any part of the synthesizer to another, without the predetermined connections found in more conventional synths.

What is a modular synthesizer?

Modular synthesizers have been around since the advent of synthesis, and are typically defined with three characteristics:


No Connections

Unlike your run of the mill standard synthesizer, no connections are made for you in a modular synth – you have to connect the oscillator to the filter to the VCA yourself (and anything else you want to hook up).


Infinite Customizability

Modular synths typically allow you to control almost every aspect of the synthesizer with something called ‘control voltage’ – from the filter resonance to the envelope attack time.


A “Modular” System

Modular systems are inherently “modular”, meaning that you can unscrew and swap out single components – looking to get the sound of a Moog filter with your Prophet-inspired oscillator? Just swap out your filter section!

How does everything connect?

The Eurorack standard was developed in 1996 by Doepfer, and since then has become the most popular modular format on the globe. This standard specifies the mechanical and electrical connections between each component of the synthesizer (“module”). In Eurorack, modules have a set height of 128.5mm, and vary in width, based off of HPs (each HP is 5.08mm or 0.2 inches), and audio/CV signals are sent over 3.5mm mono TS cables.



Choosing Eurorack as your next synth journey gives you access to a massive range of modules from hundreds of manufacturers, and one of the most well developed (and affordable) ecosystems in the modular world. You’re able to mix and match pieces from many different brands without worrying about compatibility, and the portable size makes it easy to fit on a desk, in your backpack, or on the go to your next gig.

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